The first time I came to Koh Chang in 2005, as soon as I saw the island I knew this is where I want to be in the near future.

I looked at my two kids Adam and Michel and said " this is where I am going to build my dreamhouse"....and so I did.

Searching along the coastline my dream became more and more reality. Together with Ori, my dear friend, we decided to start something.

We met a great guy named Greg who lived on the island, he helped us and gave us all the information we needed. So the search went on and finally we found a nice spot located on the east coast of Koh Chang. As miracles do still happen, Greg also turned out to be my dream man. (see 2006)

In 2007 we started building our house with our bare hands, helped by friends and family that came to visit.

We finished the dreamhouse and moved in on the 3rd of September 2008

Now we can start to expand our dream by building a guesthouse, an art cafe and much more... You are welcome to visit us.