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Lab Director: Dr. Orly Bareket
Ben-Gurion University

Welcome to the Social Relations Lab at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev!

Our research is dedicated to understanding how social roles within modern society shape relations between individuals and groups. We aim to identify subtle psychological mechanisms that contribute to the maintenance of these roles, often operating through everyday interactions that tend to go unnoticed.

Gender Relations

Our primary focus centers on identifying attitudinal and behavioral processes that hinder gender equality and the associated personal and professional costs for those who engage in them. For instance, in one line of research, we examine how seemingly prosocial helping relations inadvertently reinforce traditional gender roles. In another project, we delve into the motivations behind engaging in subtle forms of sexual objectification, as well as the consequences that these behaviors hold for individuals. A current endeavor also involves identifying psychological barriers that impede men's interest and inclusion in communal roles, as well as testing interventions designed to reduce these barriers.

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Intergroup Relations

Taking a broader perspective, a second area of our research examines more generally subtle mechanisms of inequality (such as helping relations) across a range of intergroup interactions and contexts. We aim to uncover the subtle nuances that exist within different settings, while also investigating how these dynamics intersect with gender. We are particularly interested in understanding the personal costs that dominant group members may incur when they engage in these mechanisms of group inequality. By doing so, we can shed light on the processes through which prejudiced individuals themselves are harmed.

To study these questions, we employ a diverse range of methodologies. Our approach includes conducting lab and field experiments to strengthen causal inferences and ecological validity, utilizing behavioral measures that bypass biases associated with self-reporting, simulating real-life interactions in highly realistic settings, and leveraging advanced technological tools and statistical analyses.

Dr. Orly Bareket

Lab Director

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