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Thank you for your interest in joining the Social Relations Lab!
Below are the different opportunities available for you to get involved:

Undergraduate Students: If you are a motivated undergraduate student looking to gain hands-on research experience, you may have the opportunity to join our lab as a research assistant (in exchange for course credit [מחקר מודרך], or when there is an open position available). Your main responsibilities will include preparing research materials, recruiting participants, and running experiments in the lab.


MA Students: We welcome MA students from all subsections of the Psychology Department who are interested in the lab's topics. If you are applying to the master's program at Ben-Gurion University, please consider including me as one of the faculty members you would like to work with.


PhD Students and Postdocs: If you are interested in pursuing a PhD or a post-doctoral fellowship, please contact me directly at


To apply or request more details about any of these roles, please reach out to us at Please specify the position you are interested in and attach your CV and a brief research statement (up to one page).

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